One Step Closer to Achieving My Dreams! Golden Ticket – Elite Training

I came at the office early, Coach Anj seemed to be in a really good mood. She asked if a mentor called me. I said “why?”, she just avoided looking at me saying “wala.. may ginawa ka ata kasing kalokohan sa account mo… Kaya kung ano man yun humanda ka…”. Mentor Daryll also asked me “natawagan ka ba ni Mentor Jerwin?”. I just said “ay bawal daw po sabihin eh.. So no comment po ako” hehehe! She just said “mentor din kaya ako, alam ko yun… ” Sabay gatong “ikaw kasi eh kung ano ano pinaggagawa mo”. Well, not quite sure what their message is but as I read Coach Anj’s reaction. It seems there’s a blessing waiting for me despite their ideas saying I did something not good about my Usana account in which Usana corporate needs to talk to me.

I stayed at the office, waiting for a couple of hours before my guest and Mentor Jerwin arrive. Prospecting and continue meeting other Xtrm1-11 distributors. Coach Anj had an appointment at SM Mall of Asia that time and she left early. But before she leave, she said something smilingly “kwing, magsimula ka nang makipagkilala sa mga naka blue pins ha.. :)”. Didn’t quite get her message but she gave me an idea of what it could be! I was freakin’ happy and I can’t stop smiling. An aura of happiness and the feeling of being blessed engulfs me. Though it’s still not confirmed, I remained calm and waited for Mentor Jerwin.

It was around 7:48pm, Mentor Jerwin is already at the office I followed him on part of 24th floor where there aren’t many distributors near the men’s comfor room. He even invited an accomplice (Sorry I forgot your name! Rest assured I’m going to put it in here.) to trip on me! Mentor Jerwin actually whispered on him in front of me – mukhang pinaplano ang trippings na gagawin sakin haha!

Mentor Jerwin gave me something which truly solidified the thought that I’m part of the Elite Training of Xtrm1-11. I received a Golden Ticket – Elite Training.

This is one of the most unforgettable event in my Usana journey – how they deliver the message to me. It was quite scary though I did quite have an idea about their message. For a Gold director, a mentor and has contacts with Usana corporate is telling me that I have problems with my downlines, na lumipat, etc. Plus another guy na gumagatong about the problems I encounter at work (Usana). That was indeed a perfect trip and an unforgettable experience to me!

After the presentation and I went home, told Rizza about the good news and she is happy for me as well.

Today was truly unforgettable. I thank you Lord for the blessings! I can truly feel you are blessing me, my colleagues and the people I love abundantly!

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