Received a call from one of Xtrm1-11’s mentors.. This is totally unexpected! =)

I was having a Skype presentation with my quality prospect located in KL, Malaysia when I received a call from someone whom I didn’t expect. He first called yesterday at 10:14pm, next is 10:22pm. I’m busy with my presentation so the caller was ignored. After a couple of hours I texted the unknown caller “who’s this” it was around 12:20 midnight and he called again.

Disclaimer: This might not be the exact conversation but I’ll try to recall as much as I can.

Here are the details:

caller: Hello good morning, is this Jonathan?
kwing: Yes speaking, who’s this? (na parang naistorbo ang tono)
caller: This is from Usana Health Sciences, nagkaron kasi ng problem ang account mo….
kwing: Ah ganun ba? Wait lang pre ha may tumawag lang saglit (I said to my guest then I continued talking to the stranger from Usana Health Sciences)
kwing: Okay, so ano yung nangyari? Ano nga yung name mo ulit?
caller: Hindi na importante kung anong name ko. Pero are you available tomorrow?
kwing: Huh? Naku e need ko malaman yung name mo kasi you mentioned may problem yung account ko diba?? (tonong nababanas na and nasense na ginugood time ako ng kausap ko)
caller: hahahaha! Kwing!
kwing: Uhmm sino to?
caller: Si Jer** to (Ang pagkakarinig ko si Gerlyn? Tapos I thought, I only know one Gerlyn – and that’s a lady!)
kwing: sino to ulit??
caller: Si Mentor Jerwin! From Usana.
kwing: Jerw…? Mentor? Ah! Mentor Jerwin! Good morning! Ano po yun? Napatawag po kayo! Sorry po hindi ko kayo nabosesan and nakilala agad! hehehe
Mentor Jerwin: haha! Ok lang yun! Kay Anj ka ba directly reporting? Or meron ka pa bang ibang upline aside from Anj?
kwing: Ay kay Ups Cel Cabrera po. Pero ang Elite upline ko po is si Up Anj
Mentor Jerwin: Bale ganito kasi.. May ibibigay ako sayo, makakapunta ka ba sa office by tomorrow around 7pm?
kwing: uhmm, I have a guest po by tomorrow at 7pm. Question po.. Is this negative or positive?
Mentor Jerwin: Hindi ko rin alam eh. Pinapabigay lang din to sayo. Punta ka sa office tomorrow ah.
kwing: Yes mentor / up (naguguluhan na ko sa shock because a mentor called that time of day)
Mentor Jerwin: Bale ganito ha. NEVER EVER TELL ANYONE NA NAGUSAP TAYO NGAYON. Even your downlines, uplines, crosslines. Basta hindi tayo nagkausap OK??
kwing: Yes mentor. Sige po. Bale makakarating po ako dyan. Ang out ko po sa office is 3pm. Bale itext ko po kayo kapag nasa office na po ako.
Mentor Jerwin: Sige ok lang. Nandun naman ako ng around 7pm sa office. Basta don’t forget to call or text me ha?
kwing: Yes po mentor, sige po see you po tomorrow. Bale asan na ba kayo ngayon?
Mentor Jerwin: Eto pauwi na naman ako.
kwing: Sige po! Bale pano, kausapin ko lang po muna yung guest ko. May ineenroll po kasi ako online.. hehehe
Mentor Jerwin: Ok sige. Bale sige see you by tomorrow.

The conversation ended there with a big question mark in my head having these questions in my mind:

  • Why is a mentor of Xtrm1-11, who is truly madly busy and focuses on aiding thousands of other distributors, have a conversation with me that late in the evening?
  • What is that “thing” that mentor will give me later when we meet?

I feel just excited and quite scared on the things that we will discuss earlier.

For the new distributor, I wasn’t able to enroll the new distributor due to invalid bank account in Malaysia and the system didn’t allow us proceed so he will open up an account.

That’s it for today. Another fruitful productive and sleep-deprived day for me but the experiences were very inspiring.

I thank the God almighty for the blessings I received this day!

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