Trainings and Inquiries to Golds and Mentors

I visited Usana with no guest. That was the second day of the week where I visited the office. Upline Anj told me I should seek advise from the Gold director Elites and Mentors on how to become an Elite. Being a distributor with GLLA (sometimes absent mindedness). I immediately inquired to them and they gave me ideas and advise:

(Put all the learnings from the notes that I gathered)

We sat on a table and look who’s coming? It’s the newest Ruby Director – Sir Caleb Edpao. He joined us in our meeting and then later on he conducted an NDO. Being prepared, I recorded all his notes and messages.

Ups Cel and I were supposed to meet that evening but it didn’t happen because I was too focused with the training. The NDO started at around 7:30 and it ended at around 10:30pm. I forgot something – Dinner! Now I proved that when you learn, your mind is full of inspiration and learnings leaving no space for stress, hunger and other usual things needed to do.

I went down to eat dinner at Jollibee Insular and the rest of the team were there. That day was Robb’s birthday.

We have our last MAM with All Star’s lead then later on – went home.

Thank you God for blessing me and everyone abundantly! =)

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